oxygen-concentrator 5L

Suitable for: middle-aged, elderly, children, adults, adolescents Weight: 10-19.99kg Features: Quiet Specification: 5L Category: Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Description Imagine yourself in a confined environment, such as an office, classroom or elevator, where the oppressive, suffocating feeling of ineffective oxygen inhalation is like putting our family members under such conditions for a long time and the degree of their suffering is even more intense.More than just oxygen inhalation sex-price function is greater than what you see Real-time display of oxygen concentration Electronic flow rate adjustment Swiss molecular sieve One-touch atomization function Fault voice alarm Intelligent remote control adjustment HD intelligent display Medical oxygen machine, can monitor the oxygen concentration and oxygen flow real data in real time, to avoid ineffective oxygen intake because the concentration does not meet the standard Touch adjustment is easy to visualize touch adjustment, the operation is more simple and easy to understand, and the LCD data display allows you to accurately observe the oxygen absorption parameters in use. Each press increases 0.5L long press can continue to increase Intelligent display of oxygen concentration Choose a good sieve out of the aerobic Rui Tu ZEOX is a highly efficient molecular sieve Kerr is the main purchaser of Rui Tu ZEOX all products are used in the first class molecular sieve Quiet work is never disturbed Internal circulation compressor oxygen supply without interruption using oil-free internal circulation compression technology, lower decibels during operation higher oxygen production efficiency, quiet and comfortable.High efficiency oxygen production system Adopting Swiss zEOX molecular sieve with strong adsorption, oxygen is more pure. At the same time, the molecular sieve tower and compressor and compressor separation design, better heat dissipation makes the molecular sieve life longer

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